Our Mission

We believe all puppies should have a fair start in life, whether they be purebred or mixed, and that training, socialization, and owner-education are key to a long and happy relationship between dog and owner.

Good nutrition and exercise are also important for overall health and well being, both for humans and their pets.

This makes the Shelter Puppies mission to…

  • Provide necessary vaccinations, de-worming, and other veterinary care to ensure a healthy start for every one of our puppies.
  • Spay/neuter all puppies to help control the overpopulation of unwanted dogs.
  • Spay the mothers of these puppies, when possible
  • Train and socialize the puppies so they will have a better chance of success, becoming valuable family members, whom no one would want to part with
  • Educate the public and pet owners in the importance of continued learning, for both themselves and their dogs.


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